Pokemon tower defense guide

pokemon tower defense guide

Cerulean Gym is the 10th Pokémon Tower Defense level and the 2nd Gym challenge in the game Strategy. Main article: Forum:Cerulean Gym. Read the Pokemon Tower Defense Tips guide to find out more tips about the tower defense game. Pokémon Tower Defense: Gotta catch defend 'em all? Sam and Dan have spent a year taking their much loved Pokémon fan game to.


PTD 1 / Story Mode Playthrough in Pokemon TD (#Pokemon Tower Defense Gameplay Commentary) pokemon tower defense guide

Pokemon tower defense guide - man

Generally, the most effective attacking types are Psychic, Fighting, Ground and Ice. The thing about enemies is that once they grab a candy, they will move towards their exit. Be prepared to retry stages a few times to get them right. To reply to someone else's topic, simply view their forum and edit it at the top of the page. Defensive types to watch out for include Rock try Water, Fighting, Ground, Ice or Grass , Ice try Fire, Fighting or Rock , Dark try Fighting, but don't use Psychic! Music has been shown to have restorative powers, and that concept is taken to the extreme in Rhythm Doctor, a one-button Cerulean Gym 1 Icon for the Level Previous level Mt.


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