Characters of little britain

characters of little britain

Characters from Little Britain. Daffyd Thomas · Vicky Pollard · Bubbles DeVere · “ Margaret "Yeah, I know.", "I don't like it!", "I want that one!", Andy. List of Quotes. Pages in category " Characters played by Matt Lucas". The following 16 pages are in this A FANDOM user • 18 days ago. Help us grow Little Britain Wiki!. A page for describing Characters: Little Britain. Andy Pipkin A man who is wheelchair bound and is looked after by his friend Lou. But he's not actually.


little britain characters characters of little britain He often "accidentally" finds himself in sexually suggestive positions with his boss, who is usually very patient with and largely oblivious to or tacitly accepting of his advances. Beagrie, she displays poor progress when observed. In a deleted book of ra mit iphone manipulieren, she lives in a small village called "Slut". Edit Page Related Discussion History Close More To Do Page Source. Walliams appears in a cameo in the film Run Fatboy Run as a character similar to Mr Mann. Harris, they laugh at the memory of their faux-pas.

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Kenny Craig ist ein Hypnotiseur , der in verschiedensten Situationen Leute hypnotisiert, um sich damit einen persönlichen Vorteil zu verschaffen. Jedes Mal bringt er seinem Agenten eine Kleinigkeit mit, die er ihm übergibt; z. Meist kommentiert Lou die veränderte Situation beiläufig, kann sich aber nie erklären, wie es dazu kommen konnte. April always offers the victims various candy mints which replace the required medical paraphernalia in her bag. She often resorts to extreme behaviour, such as licking or stroking the faces of other people, or destroying the things around her.


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